Which Type of Exercise Is Best for Managing Diabetes,

What are the different types of exercise and how do they affect your glucose levels? 

Exercising is one of the best ways to manage your diabetes. But which type of exercise – aerobic or anaerobic (which includes weightlifting and resistance training) – is most effective at managing your blood glucose?

The most important exercise factor is…

Regardless of what kind

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Benefits, Examples and How to Get Started

Aerobic exercise involves physical activity that increases your breathing and heart rate to fuel your body with oxygen-rich blood. Aerobic exercise helps strengthen your heart muscle, improves your lung function, and increases circulation and healthy blood flow throughout your body.

This article will describe the benefits of aerobic exercise, examples, and how to get started.

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Every Minute on the Minute

There are lots of ways to level up your cycling—and not all of them involve spending more time in the saddle. One simple-yet-effective hack for becoming a better rider? Incorporate EMOM workouts into your routine.

EMOM workouts can be “very beneficial,” says Katie Pierson, a Denver-based certified spinning instructor and certified personal trainer. They’re a great training method for

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What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is taking the nation by storm! Participation in the sport has grown incredibly in a short time, with nearly 5 million participants in the last year (1).

The game has been quickly gaining in popularity in recent years, but it has actually been around for more than a generation. So what is pickleball, and why is it suddenly such

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Is swimming cardio? | Fit&Well

Is swimming cardio or is it considered to be a strength exercise? The answer is both but there’s no doubt swimming is a great cardiovascular workout.

When it comes to the benefits of swimming (opens in new tab), the list is fairly long. Regular swimming can keep your body and mind healthy and active, and, as the water supports

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How to do a burpees – Step by step guide for beginners

The burpee is a full-body exercise that is used in strength training and consists of a squat thrust with an added stand in between repetitions. Although the movement is largely anaerobic, it can be used as an aerobic exercise when performed repeatedly over time. Including burpees in your workout routine can help you garner many other cardio benefits, such as

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