The Need for Gender Balance in Disarmament Efforts

Saudi Arabia’s little touted effort to overhaul its defense and national security architecture may be the United States’ best bet to rebuild relations with the kingdom in ways that imbue values and complicate the establishment of similar defense ties with China or Russia.

“Through the vehicle of defense reform, the Biden administration has an opportunity to engage the Saudis on

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InnaPeace Reviews – Superior Brainwave Guidance Program?

How can one discover inner peace in today’s busy world? Is it by meditating in the Himalayas, vacationing in the Caribbean, or advocating for world peace?

Inner peace is the state of bodily and spiritual calm despite the presence of several life stressors. Finding peace of mind involves achieving happiness, contentment, and bliss regardless of how terrible or tougher life

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Mayberry Man to become a series

I enjoyed watching the British telly series “Broadchurch.” A noirish detective drama, it starred both David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker. I found that notable because, at separate times, Tennant and Whittaker have played that famous time traveler, Doctor Who.

“Doctor Who” first appeared on BBC in 1963. The sci-fi program has remained popular, now featuring Whittaker as

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11 Best Yoga Mats in 2022 for Every Purpose

Best overall

Manduka PROlite 4.7mm

Price: $$$

The Manduka PROlite is a favorite among yoga instructors and practitioners. The mat is available in nine colors and is sustainably made in Germany without toxic emissions.

What’s more, it comes in three sizes — standard, long, and long and wide — to accommodate users of all sizes.

The mat gets the seal

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14 July 2022 | Techdirt

from the people-hate-spam.-republicans-want-to-spam-you-more dept

For a few months now, we’ve been following this nonsense story, driven almost entirely by executives at the GOP’s favorite digital marketing (read: spamming) operation, that Google is censoring political spam from Republicans. This was all based on either an incompetent, or deliberate, misreading of a study, which did find that an untouched Gmail account sent

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City Life Org – Smithsonian Will Convene Thousands of

National Education Summit July 27–28 Will Feature More Than 30 Free Sessions for Educators

Educators across the country are facing unforeseen challenges and rising levels of uncertainty in the classroom. As part of its 175-year commitment to education, the Smithsonian will host a free two-day National Education Summit to celebrate teachers and share instructional strategies and resources to ensure that

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