Healthfull Exercising

When Choosing Your Exercise Basically there are 2 different forms of exercise. One form of exercise will impact the cardiovascular system. Most everyone is familiar with “Heart Healthy Exercise”. Not everyone is familiar with antagonist exercise that is performed by challanging your muscle and skeletal structure. When performing a set of cardiovascular exercises you are causing the body to utilize

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Spiderman Exercises Simplified

The Spiderman Exercises

This article is designed to clarify the different exercises that are referred to as ‘Spiderman exercises.’ There are four quite different exercises that are commonly referred to as such and they will be described below:

1. The Spiderman Exercise for the Hand, Wrist & Forearm

The first of the Spiderman exercises refers to an exercise that strengthens

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Obesity Exercise Doesn’t Work

Do you really believe that juggling balls for a few minutes daily as seen on a network news show recently will burn enough calories to get the job done?

Did you buy a pedometer to track the total number of steps taken each day and calories burned?

While all of these fads have, at one time, been the topic de

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Vegetables to reduce the risk of heart disease

Eating vegetables is good for you, but eating more of them won’t reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke, according to a British study.
Other types of food we eat, how much exercise we do, where we live, and our lifestyle may have a bigger impact, researchers say.
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Emotional Freedom Technique for Stress

Everyone today has stress; it’s part of being alive in our current urbanized and technological society which has gone so far from its natural roots and traditional lifestyle our ancestors once had. To stay healthy and be successful we need to deal with this stress seriously. The usual (and dumb) way to do it is to simply cover everything with

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